Thursday, December 25, 2008

Perpetual Motion

What a busy few days. Obviously, I flew into San Francisco, per my coffee discussion prior. Then it was off to Maryland for a little family time. Then off to DC to visit friends and see the District in it's festive holiday glory. Naturally, I left my camera at home that day...

Then off to New York via to see friends. NYC always amuses me. You see stuff like this, and people don't think it's abnormal.

Finally, a quick flight down to Raleigh, and it's here I park it for a bit. Naturally, since it's Christmas time, it's 70 degrees. Note to Raleigh: this is not Melbourne, but thanks for trying.

Tomorrow's Christmas. So Merry Christmas, everyone. If Christmas isn't your scene, enjoy the day off.

Update: Forgot to mention that lunch was at Resto when we were in NYC. Great beer list, solid menu.

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S. Krishna said...

Yay for visiting DC :-) I made Ryan send me the link to your blog!