Monday, December 8, 2008

Moving In

After being in our apartment for six or seven weeks, all of our things from San Francisco have finally arrived. It's amazing to be able to have dinner at a real table, work at a real desk with a real chair, and sleep on a real bed. Much like moving out of our SF apartment, it was lovely to have someone move our stuff in. We didn't have the guys unpack all the boxes, but with it all moved in, we were much less tired, and more interested in unpacking promptly. I think there are only two boxes that aren't unpacked at this point, and even though there is still a lot of stuff to put away, it's really starting to come together well.

I'll post pictures of the place once it all is in place. That will probably be next year though, since it looks like this will be the week I fly back to the US for Christmas.

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