Friday, December 19, 2008

City Attitude

I've been told a few times that people in San Francisco have attitudes, and I've tried to defend the city on numerous occasions. However, the other day while looking for a way to escape a cold, rainy San Francisco Sunday, I happened (not accidentally) into Farley's coffee shop on Potrero Hill (north slope, natch).

Now, I realize that black coffee is somewhat passe. But, let me give you some advice, Mr. Hipster Barista. Don't give me a hard time because I want a large black coffee and not a large triple soy nonfat organic latte with no foam. If you want to have that kind of pretentious attitude, may I suggest that you take your painted on jeans over to the Mission, where someone might give a crap.

Until then, get bent, give me my damn coffee, and quit making San Francisco look bad.

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