Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cape Otway/Johanna Beach

Took a little weekend trip down to the Otways to Johanna Beach. Another casual trip, with a Saturday departure and two day hikes split up by some hammock time and a bottle of wine.

Saturday's walk was through the hills that join the beach. There was a lovely valley inland cut by a creek. The whole area was full of cows, who were mellow enough, but didn't have any interest in sticking around if you got close.

It turns out that the hills were littered with kangaroos, too. Some of them appeared to be about my height, but they didn't allow you got get closer than about 50 meters before they were off. The spot where we saw the most was over a ridge going down towards the ocean. We had walked down there to have lunch, and it was clear who the visitor to the area was. Heads popped up out of the grass everywhere to try to sort out who we were and what we were up to.

We managed to get a bit above them, but they clearly knew we were close. Eventually, we managed to scare them off even though we weren't really moving towards them.

The Crimson Rosellas were a little bit more accommodating, but I was still wishing for a bigger lens.

We did spend a bit of time on Saturday evening watching the sun wane and some folks surf some fairly large waves. I'd pick them at 2.5-3 meters.

Sunday was a stroll down the beach for a few hours. The great ocean walk eventually turns up onto the ridge again, but we only went up a little bit for a view, then spent some quality time doing nothing at all on the beach. Lovely. Not a soul down there.

Not a bad way to spend a weekend.

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