Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Brisbane Ranges National Park

Two Saturdays ago, Shannon and I went to the Brisbane Ranges National Park for a little day hike. Despite the name, it's only about 45 minutes outside of town, if you know where you're going. Naturally, we didn't, and it took about twice that.

We just did a quick hike of about 10k that started off going up to the top of a ridge. While you look out of the park and see plains (above), the top of the ridge was very desert like.

There was also a lot of evidence of recent fire. From what I can tell, it was most likely in January of 2006.

The above seed pods only open after a fire. It seems like a pretty strange way for a plant to reproduce, but I'm no botanist.

Very pretty terrain and vegetation. It should have been perfect for koala spotting, but despite being promised some in all the park signage, we didn't see a one. Out animal spottings were more in the death arena.

While the skull had clearly been there a while, we actually saw this moth meet it's demise. From the struggle, it almost seems that some venomous creature got a hold of it. That certainly wouldn't surprise me in Australia. For size reference, the body of that moth is about the size of my thumb.

We did see some excellent Crimson Rosellas on the way out, so at least there was that. Despite the somewhat disappointing wildlife, it was still a great way to get a little exercise in the sun. Well worth a day trip, and there is a three day end to end hike of the park that has some appeal. Now, I just need a sick day...

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