Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Catch Up

Who knew. I still have this blog.

What a month December was. I was on the road for almost six full weeks. It was busy for sure, but I'll just give the highlights. When we last spoke, I was in DC. Shortly thereafter, it was off to Maryland to see family. Then off for four days in Paris with my Mom.

Who knew. It was really cold, and the sun wasn't bothering to come up until 8:30. But it was Paris, and it was excellent.

We opted to leave from Brussels based on how flights looked. That was a good call, but just barely. The snow was coming down heavily when we left. The day after we left was the day that the Eurostar melted down. Whew.

Then there was some NC family time. On Boxing Day, I went to a concert in Raleigh, so, a quick gig review.

The show was headlined by Weekend Excursion, which makes it a reunion show. It was opened by one half of Athenaeum (Kano & Garrigan). The openers were fantastic, playing only acoustic, a fair split of their individual material (including Collapsis), and four Athenaeum songs. Weekend Excursion played a good set (and a very long one - show ended at 00:30). Their own material was tight, suggesting they had been playing (they have - new album in the works) but they did two covers. The Kings of Leon cover was pretty good, but a little slow. The U2 cover was really bad, and they should not do that again. Good gig though, for 12 bucks.

Then off to Montreat to hang out with some friends. It was cold. Lows were around 10. But, the weather was really nice, and it's a beautiful part of the world. Plus, the heat only went out in the house once. I did manage to catch a cold, and then give it to Shannon. She was pretty excited about that.

Back to Raleigh for a couple days before starting the journey to Australia. I got to spend some bonus time in San Francisco, which wasn't entirely unexpected. I finally got out from LA, and after enjoying my trip in coach, picked up some other virus that knocked me back. I then gave this to Shannon, and she was even more amused than the time before.

And that was that. The whole trip in, like, two pages. Since then, it's just been back to normal in Melbourne. Oh, we did return to 44 degree heat, followed by 18 degree heat. This place is strange...

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Ray said...

You do post some rather good pics, sir. What a great thing to take your mum to France; what a lousy thing to be so generously giving with your viruses. Thanks for letting me leave unharmed.