Saturday, January 30, 2010

Gig Review - The Decemberists, Billboard The Venue

Monday night, The Decemberists graced Melbourne for a second show that was added after the Sunday show sold out. We were able to get tickets, and after beers and dim sum, away we went.

It's sort of interesting. I've never managed to see The Decemberists in the United States, despite their Portland, OR roots. I've seen them in Amsterdam, and now here. Shannon had never seen them together, but we did see Colin Meloy solo once in San Francisco.

The show was very well done, if not a little bit short (set list below). The showmanship was certainly there, the crowd involvement was there, and the unique instruments were there. Colin was a bit chatty, and despite some funny stories, I feel like they could have squeezed in another song or two.

I actually haven't seen another band in person that can get the crowd as involved as this one. Colin Meloy and Chris Funk went crowd surfing. There was a sound off of sorts between two sides of the audience. The audience had to imitate a sailor being eaten by a whale. All the usual good stuff.

The performance was tight, the acoustics were pretty good, and the venue was small, so everyone had a good view. Overall, A- for the show, just because I think they could have played a little more.

Oh, I guess I can't hold them accountable for the opening act, but Bridezilla was pretty terrible.

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