Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Mighty Hawks

... got their wings clipped this past Sunday. But hey, Shannon and I went to check out the game. It's preseason, tickets are cheap and available at the door, and it's the Hawks!

Man, they looked horrible.

Word is, Carlton played their A team against Hawthorne's B team. I sure hope so, or it's going to be a rough year. The Mighty Hawks looked like a bunch of children.

The game ended Carlton 2-13-16 and Hawthorne 2-10-10. For everyone that follows AFL closely (all of you loyal readers, right? how many people actually read this?), you'll probably be saying to yourself, "wow, I thought scores were usually indicated as x-y, total, not x-y-z, total." You're right.

I know that a lot of sports in the States have sponsors for certain unlikely events, like, say, a bank will give money to the Ronald McDonald House if a player does X things 14 times in 17 seconds or some such nonsense. Here in Oz, they change the rules for preseason games. That "x" in my example is a "supergoal," which only happens in the preseason, and it's only if you make a mark outside the 50 and kick it from there. Or something like that.

Makes sense, right? Different rules for different times of year?

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