Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Am Not An SUV

Did you know? It turns out I'm actually more damaging. At least sort of.

Some of you readers may recall an incident in the spring of 2005, when I crashed my bike in a race on a dirt road, which ultimately led to the crash of my friend and teammate, Hannah. Hannah laid her knee open, requiring a multitude of stitches (I can't recall how many), and eventually, surgery on her wrist

Yesterday, Hannah was cut off by a turning SUV in New York City and then T-boned said vehicle. Despite not remembering the accident, where it occurred, or what she was doing leading up to it, it appears that she is actually less injured than the time that we hit the deck.

So there. I can kick an SUV's ass.

But in all seriousness, drivers are assholes, so keep your head up out there - I'm just glad that Hannah's all right.

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Joseph D'Antoni said...

That was one of the only bicycle race weekends I've ever been to, that required triage. I think Hannah got sent to the back of the line, because she didn't have a closed head injury ;)