Saturday, February 7, 2009


Today, Melbourne set a new record - 46 degrees. This beats the record held since 1939. Down at Avalon airport in Geelong, it hit 47.9. That's 114 and 118 degrees F, respectively. I don't think I've ever been in weather that hot before. It was actually sort of interesting. If you were standing in the shade, it was very hot but bearable. The wind, however, was like an oven. The wind brought the heat from the North End, and I'm convinced all day was warmer than ambient.

Victoria is on fire now, as well. There are currently eight fires burning in the state. This morning, the skies were blue. Now, the skies are gray. You can see clouds up there, so you know it's not them - it's smoke. It looks so strange. It's like the blue was dialed out of the sky - like looking at a black and white TV. Far more odd than when we would get LA fire smoke in San Francisco.

Naturally, we spent the day in the Melbourne Museum, because their air conditioning is amazing. Best eight bucks ever. Plus, it's a good museum. Pretty solid Melbourne history information, and a great animal exhibit. They also have an IMAX, and we checked out the Grand Canyon film. Pretty great footage, but Robert Kennedy needs to learn his history or shut his rich mouth. All in all, a great movie to watch on mute.

Update: In the past two hours, it's dropped 30 degrees F and its frickin RAINING. This is such a strange place.

Update 2: I neglected to mention that downtown today was like a ghost town. There were very few cars. There were streets where you didn't see anyone. There was swirling leaves in the streets. Combine that with the black and white sky, and it seemed like something out of a movie. It was actually a bit eerie.

Update 3: That's Robert F. Kennedy, Jr, for clarity. I do know that Sr. is dead.

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