Sunday, February 22, 2009

Beach Day

Yesterday, Shannon and I went to Torquay to go spend some time at the beach. It's a pretty popular surf spot, and the town of Torquay is also the start of the Great Ocean Road. It's about 20KM south of Geelong. On the way down, we stopped off in Geelong to see what was going on. Nothing too much, but it seemed like a nice town.

Shannon met some swimmers.

We ran into some unexpected pipers.

There was some cool architecture.

Then it was south on B100 to get to Torquay. Despite some threatening clouds and showers in the morning, it turned into a lovely day, and it turns out that Turquay really is quite a nice beach. It's not too built up, and the views are quite lovely. There were lots of windsurfers, kiteboarders, and surfers.

At the south end of the surf beach, there are some great rock formations that you can go explore that separate another beach.

After spending some time at Torquay, we broke out the map, and started working our way around the peninsula that sticks out between Geelong and Torquay. We started out with a stop at Point Impossible, which was basically deserted, and quite pretty. There, we enjoyed a snack and a beer, because, why not?

From the point, it was on to Blackrock Beach, farther north. The name is pretty much spot on.

After spending some time there, it's on to Barwon Head, which we thought was the most eastern point on the peninsula.

Of course, from there, we figured out that it wasn't when we saw a lighthouse to our northeast. So, moving along the coast, we made our way to Point Lonsdale.

Between Blackrock Beach and Barwon Head, I saw some really amazing, desolate, beautiful beaches. If you really want to go to the beach and be left alone to relax, this is probably the best spot I've seen yet to do it in Australia.

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