Friday, January 23, 2009


So, here I sit in Marysville, Washington for work. A rather nondescript place. I got here on inauguration day, but naturally, I missed all the excitement. All in all, a fairly routine trip. Good seats, mad rush at the office, flight north, intense fog, and a hotel. The true star of the trip was the flight from SFO to Seattle. Our pilot (according to our flight attendant) is notorious for going on sightseeing trips when the weather is good. We took a tour of San Francisco on the way out of town, that was better than any I've ever had. He slowed down so far, we thought that we were going to return to the field.

Here's our path out. I could see my old house, among other things.

Our meetings are going to drag into Friday, but I should still be able to catch the Friday night flight back Down Under. Always good to drop in, but it's been such a short, busy trip, I haven't gotten to enjoy.

Maybe next time?

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