Monday, January 12, 2009


Last week, I was lucky enough to spend a couple days in Colorado snowboarding with Shannon, Jonathan, and Erin. Shannon's friend Chris and his friend Shawn joined us a day late.

Partners in Powder

Day one was spent at Breckenridge, where we were treated with average/good snow and wonderfully sunny (but cold) weather.

Day two was spent at Vail, where after a slow, but uneventful drive over Vail Pass, we were treated to dark skies, but significantly better snow. The powder was pretty deep in places, up to my knees in some of the small bowls.

Day three turned out to be the gem of the trip, with 13 fresh inches before we hit the slopes on Wednesday. It did nothing but snow all day, which had I-70 closed between Vail and Loveland Passes. We think that also kept people off the mountain. We made first lift, and subsequently, first tracks, a couple of times. Hands down, the best snow I've ever been in. It was the kind of snow where if you crashed, you had problems getting started again because the powder was so deep.

The day we left was a really pretty day, but it got over freezing before 10, and I suspect the snow wasn't that good. We really lucked out.


S. Krishna said...

Sounds like fun! Sorry we missed it!

Giant Brain said...

Blog flicks! What will they think of next? That's the best snowboarding I've seen since the Mall of the Emirates.

Giant Brain said...

Sorry, meant to also say in my last post, "Good to see you wearing the helmet."