Monday, November 10, 2008

Travel Update

Greetings from the Air New Zealand Lounge in Sydney. My thoughts. The Melbourne Red Carpet Room doesn't hold a candle to the ANZ lounge in Sydney. While both have all you can drink, pour your own booze, wine, and beer, ANZ has free Wifi, curry dishes, chocolate moose (UPDATE: I was called out for spelling - that's mousse, most likely misspelled by excessive consumption), and seats worth sitting in. It also has a view, and it's big. It's rather nice. It's not Singapore Kris Silver lounge like I was lucky enough to see in ICN, but I'd freakin take it. Also, they are showing cricket, which I still think is strange.

I had first to SYD from MEL, which is no huge surprise I guess. I'm hoping for the upgrade from SYD to SFO. If I don't get it, I'm on the upper deck, by choice, which I'm rather excited about, because I'm a huge geek.

I wonder if any of my fellow plane geeks read this?

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Joseph D'Antoni said...

Yes and I too would geek out about being on the upper deck of a 74.