Thursday, November 27, 2008

The States, Track, and Turkeys

It's been quite a while since I last posted. Let's see what's been going on...

I spent two weeks in the US. This trip was supposed to only be one week, but while I was in flight, my project was rescheduled. Then I got to make an unexpected trip to Gainesville, TX. to meet with a vendor. I was really hoping that the trip would have been a quick in and out, but that's how it goes. The up side is that I got to see a lot of friends, so that was good. I also made a few quick stops to cool places in the city, including

Sutro Heights Park

and Mt. Davidson park. Can anyone name the movie for which this cross may be remembered?

Then it was off to Texas. First, I was shocked how big DFW was, as well as how close security and baggage claim are to the gates. Once you're inside, it's reasonably good design. But Texas. The people were nice, but I'm fairly content to not go back. And everything is smothered in butter. Many of us actually felt sick from all the food we ate.

Fast forward to Saturday, and after a lengthy journey from Dallas (albiet, in first class from LAX-MEL) I found myself landing in Hurricane Melbourne, or something like it. A quick nap, and it's time to go to the UCI World Cup Track race right here in Melbourne at the Hisense Arena. It was the second session of the third and last day, but we did get to check out the sprint, madison, 500 TT, team persuit, and keirin. I had never been to a track race in person, so it was pretty great for me.

Fast forward to Tuesday, when I did my first group ride here, and my first one in... let's call it a long time. It was the typical weekly fast/intensity ride. Not too long, but we were doing 55 KPH. Predictably, I didn't make it all the way back in with the group. I'm going to say it's because I was on a cross bike, but it might have had something to do with fitness too. It felt good though... Hopefully I can keep it up, and even join the Thursday night climbing group?

Today is Thanksgiving day here in Oz. It's a nonevent here, even for the majority of the expats. Shannon and I were going to cook, but it's been delayed by a day so we can go out with some folks tonight. Also strange is that I have the day off and she does not. That's a bummer.

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Giant Brain said...

Do you think the cross could have been from "Dirty Harry?" Well, do you?