Friday, November 7, 2008

Post Election Notes

In my lifetime, I've never had the chance to see a country so energized and optimistic as I did on Tuesday night. I really regret not still being in San Francisco to join the impromptu street party that broke out. Or, for that matter, the parties in Seattle, LA, NYC, Chicago, and I even heard, Raleigh. I'm sure there were many more. I've never seen one person bring so many people together in such a powerful way. I wonder if this is what it was like during the times of MLK and JFK?

Generally, I'm happy about how Tuesday went. My comments:

Things I liked:
Obama getting elected
California passing the high speed rail bond
North Carolina (finally) being decided for Obama
The global reaction to Obama being elected

Things I didn't like:
California passing Prop 8, making it illegal for same sex couples to marry (and other states following suit)
My Macbook battery suddenly dying Tuesday night (second time since I've had it, first was under warranty, less than 300 cycles...)

More good than bad, I guess. But what happens to all the marriages that have already been granted?

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Mandy said...

true dat, bro.
i'll stalk your blog on occasion now that i know the addy.
best of luck to you two down there!