Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Last week, I rolled down to Melbourne (as one is wont to do), to see Shannon and pick up my visa. Here it is. I think the important details have been blurred to protect the guilty.

Also, if you believe everything in the picture, it appears that you are to buy Williams wheels, go to the Fillmore, and get cereal the next time you go to the grocery.

This is exciting stuff, at least for me. A visa to live abroad. Wow. So, really, all that's left to do is:
1) Shannon take the job
2) Tell my boss and work "something" out
3) Sell Shannon's car
4) Move halfway around the world.

In the words of my former coworker, "Check."

I learned that Shibuya can be located in Melbourne. I was sort of surprised, but the pictures don't lie. I'm also pretty positive this will only mean something if you've been to Japan.

Also, this is what brought me home. Isn't she a beaut? Good thing she's one of the six for sale. So, if you need a good deal on a 747-400, minus a bit of paint, do call United Services. I'm sure we'd all be appreciative.

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