Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Butterfly Sex

Another trip to Melbourne. This time, I had company. My mom and Fred joined me on the journey down. Business down, because some flight attendant showed up at the absolute last second. No worries though - those are good seats.

Spent the time checking out various parts of town, including a few apartment inspections at the very beginning. Shannon did her usual excellent job of driving on the strangely wrong side of the road. Three cheers.

Also spent some time at the Melbourne Zoo. This was my second trip, but everyone else's first. The platypus continued to be a wonderful sight - as playful as ever. This time, half of the wallaby exhibit was closed to make it something else, and the giant red 'roos didn't do anything but lay there looking like they wanted to watch a footy match, but we did see Kangaroo Island kangaroos hop, and we saw joeys in pouches. It was really amazing; a truly different perspective on reproduction and development, and just damn cool to see a head pop out of basically a stomach.

Also, the giant tortoises were out, as opposed to last time when it was too cold to see them. And, in the spirit of the post's title, we saw some butterflies taking care of mother nature's business.

Also, on the way back (where this entry was written) I got a great view of a full moon over the clouds of the Pacific, just west of Nadi at 33,000 feet. It was amazing.

PS - I love First Class. I don't know how I'll ever be able to slum it again. I've been spoiled.

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"I love first class".......... i hate you