Sunday, October 2, 2011

Rugby World Cup

I haven't posted much about the Rugby World Cup being in New Zealand, other than my skepticism of Auckland transit being able to handle it. All in all, the city hasn't been as out of control as I had expected, save the opening ceremonies that were a bit of a disaster.

Shannon's folks were here for the start, and we did all go down to the opening festivities - at least part of it. It was all spread out over the city, so you really could only get to one place and you were stuck - there were just far too many people and far too few roads closed to traffic. But it was cool to see the giant waka come in to the harbor. One was sent in honor of each team, and the people in the boats then paraded through downtown. There was live music, fireworks, and general partying.


People were on good behavior, for the most part, with everyone supporting their countries but being fairly chill about it.  Public transit absolutely fell on its face, with trains and buses basically shutting down. But ever since, it hasn't been too big of a deal.

 Shannon and her folks went to the Samoa v. Namibia game in Rotorua while they were here and had a great time. While we've gone and watched a number of games in pubs, including most of the US games, but I was pretty well resolved to not get to see a game myself.

But, sometimes, things go your way. These appeared on my desk on Thursday afternoon, and last night we went off to Eden Park with a handful of my work colleagues and watched the England v. Scotland game.


Tragically, my camera batteries gave up the ghost about two minutes into the game, so that's all I have. What a great atmosphere though. It was a great game to watch, and a huge rivalry. Unfortunately, despite controlling the game, Scotland managed to give it away in the last two and a half minutes.

Tonight is the end of the pool matches, and there are still a few teams to be determined for quarter finals. Should be an interesting few weeks to go!

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