Sunday, September 25, 2011

Small Airplanes

I recently took a flight on the smallest commercial plane I've ever been on, a Beechcraft 1900D. It sports 19 seats in a 1-1 configuration, has a hump in the middle of the aisle to allow for the center wing spar, and no flight deck door (as they are not strictly required under NZ CAA rules).

The most interesting part was surely during our heavy crosswind landing, where I could watch the centerline yaw back and forth.


Ray said...

Years ago, when I would fly in and out of Taos, NM, I think we were on a similar sized plane. My memory was that it was actually a single line of seats, but now I wonder how realistic that was. It was the now-defunct Rio Grande Air that shuttled people to the Albuquerque airport. Since then, I've just rented a car and driven from ABQ to Taos.

Dairygal said...

I once took a flight from a small town in Ireland to Dublin. It was the scariest flight of my life. I'm pretty sure it was close to the size of your vulvager.

Dairygal said...
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