Sunday, August 21, 2011


Continuing the catch up... writing this is much more difficult working in an office.

A while back, our friend Ashley came to visit. As a guilt trip to everyone else, I'll suggest that she's the only non-family member to make it out to see us (exclusion to those that have tickets booked)... But unlike her trip to Australia, this time, she brought a friend and we all got to hang out and see some of greater Auckland region sights as well as just catch up.

We made it out to Piha and Kerekere beaches, two of the local black sand surf spots. Lovely as usual, even midwinter.

We also took a trip out to Waiheke Island, which tends to be a crowd favorite. For the middle of winter, it wouldn't have been possible to have better weather. We did a little wine and beer tasting (sampling the island goods) and spent a little time on the beach, eating delicious fish and chips (or just chips) and drinking the local brews. Not a bad way to spend a day.


The following Monday was a day off so we could continue taking advantage of the amazing weather and head out to the Coromandel Peninsula. We went to Cathedral Cove for the bulk of the day, which was a lovely place to lay in the sun and drink a bottle of wine. Believe me when I say that it beat the hell out of working.

It's a pretty small little beach with a rock tunnel that is now closed due to falls (Shannon says it's legit) and a waterfall on the other side. Pretty nice spot. I'd love to go back with a kayak.

We took the very long way home, which not only afforded us a lovely sunset on the west side of the Coromandel, but gave us the chance to stop at Waiau Falls on the way.

Sadly, after that, our guests were away. But good times. Always nice to see a familiar face down in these parts.

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