Saturday, August 20, 2011

Auckland Transit & RWC

The Rugby World Cup is being held in New Zealand this year. There are matches all over the country, and it's generally a good thing. Auckland is where the final, and a number of big games are going to be held.

I worry about all the visitors.

Transit here isn't geared up for the volume of folks that will be coming. Shannon and I commented about how full a bus was one recent Sunday afternoon. Weekend transit is pretty thin.

A couple weeks back, we took a cab, and the driver didn't know where one of the major train stations was. Not a good look for a country showing off to the world how they can handle big events.

There are a few weeks to go. I hope that the city can shape itself up to move all these people! I also hope that being as close as we are to Eden Park doesn't make this place insufferable for six weeks.

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