Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Parallel Importing

The San Franciscan in me dies a little when I see this, but at least this type of stuff is available. NZ is much better than Oz about having products from other countries, at least in terms of booze. NZ has a much more international selection of both wine and beer.

But really, $7.95 each?  Shit.

NZ also has a pretty significant microbrewing scene. That's a good thing.


Dairygal said...

No Oregon Micros? I guess it doesn't matter I don't drink the stuff anyway. I saw Shannon got her visa- YAY.

Brendan said...

Actually, yes, there have been. I picked up two Deschutes bottles there previously. I know your choice is tequila though...

Shannon's visa news was easily the highlight of my week.