Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Everyone who says you should only do laundry when you're home... is right.

My washer, which is already on it's last legs, (ask not for whom the bell tolls, washer... it tolls for thee) was doing it's thing tonight. After a very successful call with Vodafone, it occurred to me that I hadn't heard the washer squealing during the rinse cycle.

You can imagine I wasn't shocked to find my garage under an inch of water, as the latch on the door blew open. Upshot - I know the guys hooked the cold hose to the cold valve.

Good thing I had cardboard left to use as a push broom. I think my day went from "fine" to "I'd like a beer."

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Dairygal said...

Well I don't live by the rule of only do washing at home, but I do try. Did you every hear my story of getting electricuted (sp?) by our washing machine (at the Western Oregon house)? It's a good one I might share one day...but needless to say your day could have been worse.