Friday, October 1, 2010

World Time Trial Championships

As one may have gleaned from my bitter and cranky post yesterday, I went down to the elite men's world TT championship in Geelong yesterday. Unlike our fine transit folks, the race organizers did an excellent job putting together the event. The area around the course was well signed, they had volunteers everywhere, plenty of course crossings, and folks handing out maps and start lists. Good work.

I thought the crowds were a little light. I know it was a Thursday and all, but this is Worlds, after all. People travel for it. The Euros were there.

Boonen wasn't even at the race.

I thought this guy was hilarious. I shall call him SuperEuro.

The course was extremely accessible, and I was able to get photos from a number of places. There are many more, but here are a few, from a smattering of nationalities.

Dave Zabriskie was the best hope for the US, and finished a solid 8th.

There were two guys from St. Kitts and Nevis in the race. I'm sure they were by far the underdogs, but both showed up, gave it their all, and finished. Awesome job guys.

And finally, a shot of Cancellara at the 200m sign on his last lap.

Racing continues this weekend with the U23, Elite Women's and Elite Men's road races. More photos to come, and available on request.

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