Saturday, September 11, 2010


Last weekend, Shannon and I took a little field trip to Auckland. Qantas flights were inexplicably empty, and Expedia gave us U$50 off a hotel stay, so what the heck.

The view from our hotel

Saturday's weather was a mixed bag of sun and showers. We spent a lot of time walking around the eastern suburbs of the CBD.

Generically ok burritos were consumed. Beers were had. Sunshine was enjoyed. Generally it was a chill day. We made it to the top of Mt. Eden to catch a view into downtown. You can almost see the airport from up here, too - just a hill is in the way.

We had an interesting Thai meal for dinner. The menu indicated "beef balls" and the guy taking our order questioned our choice. We assumed beef balls. Considering the (not entirely unpleasant) taste, it may have been more like beef balls. Tastes like scallops.

Anyway, Sunday we took a ferry over to the North Shore town of Devonport. There were great views back into the city and to the surrounding islands in the bay.

It would be a blast to check out some of the islands by kayak. It looked beautiful from the hilltops. Here's one of the islands. I had the wrong camera lens with me, so you may think there is only one. Not so.

That afternoon, lunches were had, public transit was explored, and beers were consumed before catching a flight back. Very fast weekend, but a lot of fun.

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