Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jayco Herald Sun Tour, Stage One

Yesterday was a crit in Ballarat, but today was considered Stage One. Whatever. A few big names, a few American teams (Garmin, Jelly Belly, Bissell, Rock Racing)

Some shots from Daylesford.

After they went through, we got some food, and went out to a corner ahead of the race. We're sitting in some chairs we brought, having lunch, at a corner in the middle of absolutely nowhere, Victoria, alone, ahead of anyone from the race (for a big race, it's small budget). This guy gets his mail from the end of the street, and says "Nice day for a sit, eh?" We agree, he drives off, and we bust out laughing, assuming he has no idea there is a race on. I presume he thinks we're just insane. Anyway, a few shots from the corner.

Jonathan, tell Doug that I got a number of good shots of his teamboys. I'd gladly trade RAWs for a little access next year somewhere in Europe :)

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