Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Sometimes, I feel like I'm really taking a beating down here.

There are things that we pay for because we don't know how to do them (or own the tools to do the job) and there are things that we pay for because we have decided that our time is worth more than our effort.

When it comes to changing the oil in a car (or, in this case, the truck), it's something that I can do, but don't really have a space to do the job. Our new car park has the space, but it's of dubious legality, in the eyes of the Body Corporate (HOA).

It's funny. Sometimes I don't really bat an eye when I pay for a service that I know I could perform. Sometimes, it pisses me off, but I pay it anyway. Today may be the day that I test the new Body Corporate. I've got a real problem paying the quoted $100 to get an oil change. One of the places I called even had the nerve to ask if I wanted the filter changed, too. (No, you fool, I want to pump the crap back into the engine!)

I'm convinced I can go get a drip pan and the (expected) 8 litres of oil for less than 100 bucks. This is another example of times when things just seem way too expensive down here, at least compared to back home (even in bloody SF).

Sometimes, down here, it gets really old taking a beating all the time.

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