Tuesday, September 8, 2009


When I was at the Tour this year, I tried and tried to find a PMU hand. You've seen them on TV at the finish of every stage. I've talked about getting one for at least a decade. It seemed logical to me that I'd be able to find one at the Tour when I was there.

We saw people all over with these foam hands. But, between myself, Erin, and Jonathan, we could never figure out where to get one. We looked. There was a real effort. The only time we saw distribution was on the Colombier when two switchbacks below us, we saw them fly off the publicity caravan.

When we left, I was sort of bummed about it, and I know that Jonathan and Erin knew it. When I came home, I talked to Shannon about it, and she too knew I was down about it.

Want to know how cool my girlfriend is? She spent weeks finding, bidding, paying too much, and shipping a hand from this year's Tour from some guy in Paris to our flat here in Oz. It took ages to get here, and it's absolutely awesome. I've got an amazing girlfriend.


Giant Brain said...

Good on 'er (is that proper usage?).

Jonathan said...

If only you would have let me grabbed one from the greedy kid with 9 of them strapped to his back pack .....