Friday, September 25, 2009


What a wild couple of weeks. Visitors. Moving. Rain. Wow.

My hope is to get the blog updated this weekend, since I've not posted about the New Zealand trip (it's been half written for weeks) or the trip up to the northwest Victorian deserts (I haven't even looked at the pictures). But, in the mean time, the move!

We moved from St. Kilda to Fitzroy. There were a few reasons. Shannon gets a much shorter commute, the space is far more interesting than the rather bland flat we were in before, it's larger, it's closer to the CBD, and the neighborhood is infinitely more interesting (at least, in my opinion). Further, it's sort of like the Mission (without the Mexicans, except on the one street with the Latin grocery - yay!). Naturally, the trade off is higher rent.

We always wanted to know if we were cool enough to live in the Mission. I guess now we'll find out. The neighborhood can basically be summed up by this.

A few pre-move shots of the new pad.

Once we get it totally put together (it's close) I'll post some more pictures. In the mean time, let's hear it for that big ass stove and oven!

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