Friday, October 17, 2008

Down Under

We have arrived. Or, I suppose more accurately, I have arrived, and Shannon is back. No trouble with the flights down, good seats all the way. Between our checked and carry on luggage, we had eight pieces, and amazingly, no luggage charges, despite two bikes.

I'm impressed with the apartment Shannon picked out. I knew the location was good, but I like the actual unit. I think it's going to work out well for us. As you might expect, the first couple days have had their hiccups, for example, not being able to get Internet access in the apartment for two to three weeks. But, I've found and been told places where I can get online and get some work done, now with less financial and gastric impact than before (Thanks, Melbourne Central Library). Working remotely has been somewhat challenging for the last two days, with limited Internet access, but should smooth out from here, which I'm sure I appreciate as much as my employers.

I also got on my bike yesterday for a little while. In a word, riding on the other side is "strange." And perhaps the most important news, last night I was introduced to a beer that is brewed locally by what seems to be sort of a craft brewer, and is pretty good. I mean, if I'm going to pay that much for beer, I'd rather it not suck.

Pictures to follow at some point. My external hard drive had to stay at home today, and I neglected to bring pictures to post with.

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JD3K said...

So do they still have that bandwith shortage down under? That seemed to be a big issue when I was around. Also, expensive beer? I was a bit taken aback by $16 budweiser, but I guess the upside is cheap wine.