Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hamiltons Gap

Sometime between the trip to the Hanua Ranges and now, Shannon arrived on her trusty steed, ZK-OKM. Like, to live here. Super exciting.

So on her first full day here, we went out to the southern part of the Manukau Heads, to a place called Hamiltons Gap.  It was a mostly deserted and very lovely black sand beach, with cliffs trying to fall right into the Tasman Sea.

Now, we've seen black sand in Hawaii, and even in New Zealand, not that far from here, but this was the most unique I think we have ever seen. It was more like crude oil than sand. Very tenacious stuff! 

The cliffs really were breaking apart and coming down to form new beach. We stood and watched for quite a while what appeared to be a river of sand. I guess this is why you don't buy beachfront property...

Sunset was lovely. 

It was so good that we almost didn't notice the rainbow going on behind us.

Awesome little spot, just about 90 minutes from the house.

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Dairygal said...

Amazing!! I'm so happy that Shannon made it over!