Friday, November 5, 2010

San Francisco

A couple weeks back, I had to go to San Francisco for a few days for work. Shannon and I used this as a jumping off point for a vacation. The work portion of the trip was sort of a write off, as the vendor coming to present to us really didn't bring their A game. Good thing we hauled two people from Oz and they hauled a guy from the Isle of Wright in for the event.

Lunch was good though.

Anyway, after a few days of working, Shannon joined me for her first time to SF in about 18 months. It was great. We saw friends. We drank beer.

We drank coffee.

Those aren't beers. Those are cups of coffee. Coffee in beer mugs seems to be the rage in SF (it happened to me three times). Oh, did I mention that these coffees together were the price of one stupid latte in Melbourne?

We stayed at a lovely little B&B on Fell St. Thanks Robert!

We ate a ton of wonderful food.

We saw the sights.

We went to Japan.

We saw some artwork.

Naturally, we did NOT take any fucking requests.

And we had a great damn time. It was probably the best three days in SF I've had since I moved. Thanks, Shannon.

Then we flew to Brussels. In business. And it did not suck. More to come.

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