Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cyclocross Hits Melbourne

About two weeks back, Melbourne played host to the first cross race that I've seen (but supposedly not the first ever) in Victoria. It was the first of a three race series, and came with the most reasonable entry fee that I've ever seen for anything in Australia, and a damn fair fee for the US (even considering that a Cycling Australia license is required) at A$10/race.

Generally, the course seemed pretty good. I thought the barriers were a little high, but generally well done. Rather than skill groups, they had a class for cross bikes and a class for everything else, including a prize (or at least shout out) for most inappropriate bike. I think the guy on the BMX won that contest, but you could argue that the dude on the brakeless fixie with cross tires should have won it. He wound up getting second in the real race anyway.

Random pictures from the race:

The big win for Shannon and me at the race was meeting this guy:

After a few laps we figured out his jersey, knowing that it looked familiar. It's the Zeitgeist/21st Amendment team from SF. We yelled questions and answers at each other for a few laps, and determined that he is from Fairfax, and he knows Steve Fisch. So, if you know Steve, or are Steve, feel free to confirm :)

We spoke to him after the race, and he and his wife are both trauma nurses. She's from Melbourne, and they have lived here before, but are considering leaving due to the ever rising housing prices (and he's from Fairfax!) and the rampant alcohol fueled violence (and they should know...) Interesting guy to talk to.

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