Thursday, November 12, 2009

White Trash

Yesterday, I had a near brush with "greatness." I was walking back from the CBD, minding my own business, when I hear squeals of delight coming from the plaza across the street from the Park Hyatt. I see a handful of tv cameras, and photographers with 600mm lenses. This screams of trash.

How right I was. These folks were waiting for the emergence of one Brittany Spears. There were a few obsessed fans. From grade six. You can see them all in their little yellow uniforms.

This guy wanted her to sign his leg. I heard him tell the tv reporter. Like she was going to touch you.

This girl needs to check her priorities if her shirt is true.

After about six minutes of Ms. Spears NOT coming out of the hotel, I decided that I was more interested in a sandwich than seeing her emerge from her cave.

So there you have it. The time I very nearly saw a famous person in Melbourne. Oh, did you hear? Australia just figured out that the illustrious Ms. Spears might have some assistance at her concerts.

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