Monday, August 3, 2009

July's Epic Travel - Le Tour - Part One

So I had this bright idea to go to the Tour de France this year. There were a number of stages in close proximity to each other and a major international airport. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

The journey began with a fairly uneventful trip to Washington DC where I spent some time with Ryan. Great guy. Horrible influence. Our all night bender culminated with a walk from his place in Crystal City to Gravely point, where we continued to consume scotch and watch the sun come up and planes take off. Apologies in advance for focus and alignment issues.

From there, we walked to Jefferson, while polishing off the bottle crossing the Potomac.

Next, around the tidal basin to FDR.

Around creation to the Mall. We made a stop at WWII, from where you can see Lincoln.

More walking to the White House.

Then a stumble down PA Ave led us to food, a cab ride home, and a nap. I tried to miss my flight to Zurich, but luckily woke up in time. I met up with Kelly at IAD, and we were off.

More to come.

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